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Built-in Windows 10 photo editor

Windows 10 comes equipped with two very useful picture managing tools. These are:

Featured Picture Manager

Office Picture Manager

During the course of years, numerous companies have created various software solutions for image editing. While some tools are extremely professional and offer an abundance of features, there are those with limited features that are simple to use and get the job done.

One such tool is the Microsoft Office Picture Manager. It includes a lot of useful features that will allow you to quickly edit a picture and make use of it. If you are interested in using this software tool, you have come to the right place. In this text, you are going to learn the following.

  • What are the features of MOPM?
  • How to install Microsoft Office Picture Manager on Windows 10.
  • Alternatives to Microsoft Office Picture Manager for Windows 10.
  • What is the standard picture manager in Windows 10?
  • The History of Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

Highlighted features

Resize image


Red-eye removal

What are the features in MOPM?

If you are in need of a software that will quickly allow you to make some changes to a photo, MOPM is a great option for you. It is equipped with plenty of useful features that make it a very useful tool.

Like all the other Microsoft apps, the MOPM comes with different available menus and toolbars. It is also equipped with several task panes, a shortcut pane. You can make the whole picture editing process quicker by learning all of the available keyboard shortcuts.

When it comes to the picture editing features, MOPM supports:

  • Resize.
  • Rotate.
  • Flip.
  • Crop.
  • Color correction.

There are more available features beyond these. They are:

  • Red-eye removal.
  • Batch processing.
  • Saturation adjustment.
  • Brightness adjustment.
  • Contrast adjustment.
  • Hue adjustment.

Once you are finished with the image editing process, you can choose to either rename and save the image, overwrite the original image, discard the changes, export it to another location. Furthermore, you can add the image to the SharePoint library, attach the image to an email or share it with a private network or an intranet.

You can also immediately print the image, or save it as .pdf

The History of Microsoft Office Picture Manager

Microsoft is a company with a long history. Throughout the years, it has both implemented and excluded numerous software tools. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is one of the older tools that was implemented all the way back in 2003. It was first known as Picture Library.

It was a standard part of the Office 2003 suite and it was a part of it all up to Office 2010. In this time span, the software tool has matured plenty and it became a part of SharePoint Designer 2007. Even though the Microsft Office Picture Manager is no longer available with the Office 2013, 2016, and 2019 iterations, it is still possible to install it as a standalone application.

The good news is that it is still possible to use it on Windows 10. With the standard range of useful features, this piece of software is still a go-to picture manager for many people.

How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager on Windows 10

If you are wondering how to Install Office Picture Manager in Office 2013,2016, and 2019, the good news is that it is still possible to do it. 

Microsoft Office Picture Manager has become a standalone app that can be installed via the SharePoint Designer 2010. All you have to do is take the following steps to install it.

  1. Head over to the official Microsoft SharePoint Designer 2010 32-bit installer. Click on the Download button.
  2. In the majority of cases, the default download location is Downloads in File Explorer, click on it.
  3. Double click the SharePointDesigner .exe file to start the installation.
  4. Click on Customize so you don’t end up installing all of the SharePoint Designer 2010 elements.
  5. Disable installation of Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Office Shared Features by clicking on Not available in the dropdown. The same goes for Office Tools. However, click on the Microsoft Office Picture Manager dropdown and select Run from my computer. Finish by clicking on Install Now in the bottom right corner.
  6. Click on the Windows Start button.
  7. In the Recently added list, click on the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

That’s it. After taking these steps, you will be able to use the Microsoft Office Picture Manager.


The standard picture manager in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes equipped with two very useful picture managing tools. These are:


Microsoft Photos

Microsoft Photos is an image viewer that also packs some simple editing features. In the top corner, there are a couple of basic features such as Zoom In/Out, Delete, Favorite, Rotate, and Crop Image.

However, in the top right corner, there is an Edit & Create dropdown button. You get to either Edit, Draw, Add 3D effects, Add animated text or Create a video with music. If you want to utilize more advanced photo editing features, you can head over to Microsoft Paint 3D from this dropdown as well.

In comparison to Microsoft Office Picture Manager, Microsoft Photos packs more features and it is blended with Microsoft Paint 3D. It is simply a more recent software tool that Microsoft is actively working on improving. However, Microsoft Office Picture Manager has an advantage when it comes to batch image processing.

Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D is a great picture manager that brings some advanced features to all the Windows 10 users.

You get to pick different brushes, add 2D or 3D shapes, add Stickers, Text, and Effects to your images. The tool comes with its own 3D library of various models. 

Furthermore, Microsoft is also actively working on this tool, and it offers some interesting guides and tips on its official Paint 3D blog.

By relying on these two standard Windows 10 picture managers, you can easily make adjustments to your favorite images. But as previously mentioned, Microsoft Office Picture Manager is more suitable for making batch edits to a set of images.

The easiest way to manage images

Open Photos





Discover image editors for Windows

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Alternative picture managers for Windows

If you prefer using other tools for image editing, there is a wide range of software products you can choose. Some of these are paid solutions while the other ones are completely free. 

On the other hand, there are those that are based on the freemium business model, meaning that not all of the features are available with the free version, but if you make a purchase, you get to unlock the rest of the features.

While these software tools are free, you can always spend some money and include more premium photo editing features.

Completely paid alternative tools are aimed for professionals and these include the following.

It is obvious that there are plenty of Microsoft Office Picture Manager alternatives. Picking the right one will solely depend on your image editing needs. If you are looking for a way to quickly edit an image in a minute or two, practically any free editing software will meet your demands.

However, if you require constant editing of numerous images, the PhotoHandler is an interesting solution that will most likely meet your needs. You can either pick that one or choose one of the freemium or premium solutions. 

Carefully evaluate your needs and you will know which of these software tools you actually need.

Image editing on workstation

Free tools for image editing

  • PhotoHandler – A free photo manager that supports batch processing, image conversion, watermarking photos and plenty of other features.
  • XnView – This software supports numerous image formats. This makes it a versatile tool that will allow you to edit any type of image.
  • JPEGView – A lightweight tool with straightforward GUI. It will allow you to edit your photos in a couple of simple steps.
  • Windows 10 Paint 3D – This software is now included in Windows 10, it also brings you plenty of image editing features.
  • Windows 10 Photos – Windows 10 Photos allows you to make quick edits to your images in only a couple of seconds.
Man at the Office managing pictures on his laptop

Photo apps with in-app purchase

  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • Polarr
  • Fotor

Professional photo apps

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • ACDSee
  • Corel AfterShot Pro
  • Zoner Photo Studio
  • Pixelmator
  • Photoscape

Free tools

  • text





Man at the Office managing pictures on his laptop

View and manage images


Man at the Office managing pictures on his laptop

Import from camera


Man at the Office managing pictures on his laptop

Convert and resize images


Add watermark


Man at the Office managing pictures on his laptop



Man at the Office managing pictures on his laptop




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